Why Davis?

There are plenty of cities in the Greater Sacramento Area where one could choose to open a new dance studio. So, you may be asking, why did we choose to bring our dance programs to Davis, California? I’ll give you a few reasons.

Welcome to Davis Sign

First, I have a personal connection to the city of Davis. Although I do not think I could have picked a better university for myself to attend for my undergraduate and graduate studies than the University of the Pacific, UC Davis was in my top 3 choices for colleges when I was applying for college in the fall of my senior year of high school. I’ve spent a significant amount of time on the UC Davis campus, including for a class that helped prepare me for one of the most exciting years in my life–living in Europe and spending the summer and winter caring for the children of our service men and women.


Second, I love the community. With a population of about 66,000 people, Davis is a pretty decent size, but it still manages to feel like a small town. All of the cute shops in Downtown Davis, and the way in which people know each other by name in Davis makes it feel like a strong, growing community that cares about the people who live there. The entire city feels like a neighborhood of family and friends. Everywhere I’ve gone to distribute flyers for Dance Daze® has welcomed me with a smile. Any place that values community is a place I’d want to be and a place where I’d feel honored to establish and grow a business with similar community values.


Third, I’m someone who welcomes opportunity and adventure with open arms! When an opportunity came along for me to do something I love, in a gorgeous space, and to share my passion with others, I simply could not say no. The entrepreneurial spirit within me loves a good challenge, and I simply can’t resist a chance to bring my ideas into fruition. Thank you for helping me do this!




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