What to Expect in a Dance Daze Creative Movement Class

I am so excited to bring Dance Daze® Creative Movement classes to children in Davis! While I enjoy teaching and performing many genres of dance, I have a special fondness for Creative Movement. Introducing our youngest dancers to the world of dance gives me a huge sense of pride and responsibility. Also, I love providing a class that caters specifically to a child’s current developmental stage and ideally supports skills that they may also be learning at home or in preschool.


Dance Daze® Creative Movement classes are planned down to the minute, including time for opening and closing activities and even time for our transitions, which are almost always done to music. Students will enter class and find a mat or a “spot” to sit or stand on. Each class will open with a movement-related “ice-breaker” or “warm-up” activity or exercise that will help the students become more comfortable with each other and help their teacher get to know them better as people and dancers. Their teacher will guide them through a class that reinforces learning fundamental movement vocabulary, using our imaginations, building our developing muscles in the right way, and becoming comfortable dancing in our personal space and in shared space. The Dance Daze® Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet combo class includes all of the above and students are additionally introduced to beginning ballet terminology and positions of the feet and arms.


In each Dance Daze® Creative Movement class, students will have the opportunity to use props to explore movement. Each class will focus on a different main prop and emphasizing different ways to move with that specific prop. Sometimes, we will use maracas to help us explore the rhythm found in a certain type of music. We may use a parachute to assist us in feeling the ways in which our arms can curve and generate different wave-like patterns. At times, we may play games similar to “Red Light, Green Light” that will challenge us to use our imaginations in a healthy, competitive, game-based way.

I can’t wait to meet your children and dance with them in January! Remember to snag our LivingSocial deal to have your child try their first 4 classes with us for just $19!

– Saumirah


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