Opening Day Success!

Our first day of classes in Davis was a success! We were so happy to meet all of our new dancers and their families! Several students who will be involved for our entire Winter Session were unable to attend the first day of class on Saturday, January 10th, and we look forward to meeting them in our next classes on Saturday, January, 17th.

Dance Daze Pre-Ballet

Quick reminders:

  1. Please make sure your child’s long hair is pulled back into a bun or a ponytail for all dance classes. (A bun is required for Ballet 1 and Ballet 2 classes.) Short hair should be pushed or pinned back away from the face.
  2. If you did not receive our first Newsletter, which was sent out last Friday, you can sign up to receive the Dance Daze® Davis Monthly Newsletter by clicking HERE and entering your name and email address. (I know, the link looks spammy. Don’t worry–It’s legit.)
  3. We will have volunteers from the Iota Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at UC Davis with us again next Saturday! Be sure to thank them for their service to our community!

For those who are planning ahead: We will post the dates for our 10-week Spring Session soon. You will need to register and pay for the entire session by February 28th to avoid a $20 Late Fee! The first day of our Spring Session will be Saturday, April 4th.

Thank you for dancing with us and we look forward to seeing you Saturday!


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